Soon to be the norm,
infrastructure for art.

What if a new technology could proceed transaction systems that have been established over the course of the long history of art and update them to the present day?

Startrail is a network which makes possible the distribution and appraisal of artworks through a more open management of their certificates and provenance.

This is a new art infrastructure which not only protects the credibility of artworks and artists but also passes on a cultural legacy to future generations and fosters its deep understanding.

We aim to create a culturally more matured world. Let’s begin a new renaissance together.

Blockchain is the key to giving an artwork digital certification and provenance.

An owner of the artwork can utilize multiple functions including proving its ownership and recording its provenance by issuing a NFT of the artwork on the Startrail.

Benefits of Startrail

  • Safely Manageable NFT

    Information written on the blockchain can be preserved semipermanently and have lower risks of tampering, copying and losing them than conventional paper certificates.

  • Interoperability among Services

    Interoperability is possible with services connected to not only the Startrail but also other blockchain projects around the world via the gateway.

  • Automatic Record of Provenance

    Provenance, such as sales and transfer record, is automatically recorded on NFTs. Furthermore, recording methods and contents are updated in stages according to the needs of the users in order to keep information related to the value and credibility of artworks.

  • Secondary Distribution and Copyright Management Support

    When a creator or an administrator issues a NFT on Startrail, he or she can create rulesets regarding how to use a copyrighted work and how to return royalty-like fees in the secondary distribution in order to enable smooth management of the secondary distribution and copyright.

  • Flexible Upgradability

    Startrail is designed to be able to realize various applications and to correspond to future technology updates in accordance with the incentive of all stakeholders in the art market and the rise of new technologies.

  • Matching the Artwork to Online Information

    NFC tags make it possible for the artwork to be transferred offline. We also provide various solutions to the “Oracle Problem” which may occur when an artwork is linked to information on the blockchain.


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